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Learn more with our discounted course bundle! This bundle includes all of our CSEC courses, so you can get the comprehensive training you need to succeed. 


All of our courses are taught by experienced instructors and cover the entire syllabus. Our subjects include Mathematics, Integrated Science, and Social Studies. 


Our courses are constantly updated to reflect the latest CSEC syllabus.


If you are interested in taking the CSEC examination, this course bundle is an excellent way to obtain the training and guidance you need to succeed. The discounted price makes it even more affordable, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!


Take advantage of our instructor-led Past Paper Drill Classes included with any subscription to the LTA Plus Bundle!


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All subjects provided are detailed, peer-reviewed, accompanied by Quizzes to sharpen your skills and notes to read at any time. We also provide past paper classes for the mandatory courses required for a full certificate, Mathematics and English. All our courses are made from the ground up with self-study in mind and not just recordings ripped from a live class.

Certification Courses

Gain valuable skills in various subjects and earn professional certification. 

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